I'm currently the Maker-in-Residence at the Burnham Library in Bridgewater, CT.

Since January 2019 I've been designing potentially large, outdoor sculptures digitally. Some of my dozens of designs are becoming small maquettes with the help of the library's 3D printer and their astute assistant director, Chris Fisher.

I've spoken with a well-respected fabricator about the process of transforming my models into larger-than-life pieces. It sounds like a dream to have my work articulated in bronze, stainless steel or aluminum and "simply" oversee the project. That's my current goal.

Three-dimensional form has always competed with flat surfaces for my attention. Industrial felt, Aqua Resin & fiberglass and clay have been the materials I've enjoyed working with over the years because of their plasticity, strength and textural possibilities.

The imagery in much of my work is fluid, lyrical and sometimes sensual. Movement, flight and freedom are the underlying principles that energize my hands and heart.