One of many Brand NEW maquettes I'm beginning to translate into human-body-size, outdoor sculptures. Exciting times in the studio!

Spontaneously discovering what form materials want to take captivates me like nothing else. It's the reason I show up in the studio each day. When my best friend, "Flow," is kind enough to pay me a visit she generously bathes me in the sheer pleasure of the process.

Three-dimensional form has always competed with flat surfaces for my attention. At times I have integrated them into bas reliefs. Industrial felt, Aqua Resin and fiberglass are my mediums of the moment because of their plasticity, strength and textural possibilities. The imagery in much of my work is fluid, lyrical and sometimes sensual. Movement, flight and freedom are the underlying principles that energize my hands and heart.

Uplifting the human spirit during these trying times is my intent.